Kinlochbervie Community Council

Click the link to view the approved minutes of the Community Council meeting held on 26 January 2021.

Approved minutes 26th January 2021 KLB CC

The next ZOOM Council meeting will be held on Tuesday 30 March 2021 at 7.00 pm.

Please contact the Community Council if you would like an invitation to attend.


Kinlochbervie Community Energy – Proposed Micro Hydro Project

Background Information
Planning permission was granted in February 2019. The applicant was Highland Eco Design. Highland Eco is building the project and all administration is being done by Energy4All. The project is also being supported by Local Energy Scotland. Part of the scheme involves community benefit. To that end a Community Benefit Society (Kinlochbervie Community Energy Society) has been set up to oversee the project. One member of the Community Council and two members of the Kinlochbervie Community Company sit on that committee.
Here is the link to the planning application.

Kinlochbervie Community Energy

The Kinlochbervie Community Company has been meeting with representatives of Community Energy Scotland and Energy for All for many months in order to get a community hydro scheme off the ground.  The proposal is for a 200 kWh small scale hydro electric scheme at Rhiconich beside the existing water treatment plant.  Energy4All have issued a share offer to raise £700,000 to finance the project.  Construction will begin by the end of January.  Energy4All offers an attractive return on investment to shareholders as well as an annual financial benefit to the community.  The project is being managed by the Kinlochbervie Community Energy Society with members drawn from Energy4All, the Kinlochbervie Community Company and the Kinlochbervie Community Council.  Click the link below for more information.

New 200kW hydro scheme coming soon to Kinlochbervie (





Loch Clash Stopover

The demand for places this September on Loch Clash Stopover has been huge.  We’ve never seen anything like this in our 4 years of operation.  There is a huge increase in demand over last year.

Because of the demand we are now allowing people to park overnight on the pier with our blessing.  The price structure is as follows:

Serviced site – £15 (include electricity, water and waste)

Overnight pier parking – £10 (includes water and waste)

Water and waste only – £5

We have set the maximum capacity at 15 vehicles – 5 at serviced sites and a further 10 on the pier.   We have set the limit of 15 in order to allow appropriate distances between vehicles.  We issue tickets to display on the dashboard.

If incidents of COVID19 rise again and travel restrictions put in place, we will need to consider closing the site.


Community Council Minutes

Because of the COVID-19 crisis and the need for no face-to-face meetings, the Kinlochbervie Community Council missed 2 meetings but is now on track having had its first ZOOM meeting  on 26 May 2020.

The following have been uploaded to the Community Council page.

Community Council Minutes 26 May 2020 Draft

Community Council Minutes 25 February 2020 Approved